Lediga tjänster/Vacancies

Principal conductor Jaime Martín has vacancies for:
Principal oboe
Second Violin Co-leader
Cello tutti

Principal oboe

for the period of 15 August 2021 – 15 January 2022

Compulsory works
Mozart Oboe Concerto 1st and 2nd movements without cadenzas
Orchestral excerpts

Please record a video of the compulsory works and the orchestral excerpts in numerical order.
The video is to be recorded in full body in one take, without any cuts or adjustments. Use as good sound quality as possible on your device. One seperate video of Mozart and one for the exerpts will be accepted.
Mozart should be performed with piano accompaniment, either recorded with pianist or with downloaded
piano from www.piano-accompaniments.com
Please tune to: A=442 Hz
Some applicants might be invited to Gävle to finish the audition live the 27 May 2021.

23 April
Please send application, including full CV, by e-mail to Mr Einar Ander, einar.ander@gavle.se.
Important! In the Subject-field write: OBOE 2021

26 April
Final day for sending recorded videos to the address you will receive after your application.
The audition is open for EU/EES citizens only who have to attach a copy of valid ID document.

Second Violin Co-leader 

Permanent position, beginning in September 2021

Compulsory works
First and second movements with cadenza from:
Mozart Violin Concert no. 4 D-major K 218
Mozart Violin Concert no. 5 A-major K 219
First Movement with cadenza from one of the following concertos:
Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius

Orchestral excerpts
from 24 May 2021, download from www.gavlesymphonyorchestra.com/vacancies

Date of audition:
14-15 June 2021

Make your application here. (Re-direct to muvac.com)
The audition is open for EU/EES citizens only.
Audition may be postponed due to pandemic reasons.
Application deadline: Friday 14 May 2021
Audition by personal invitation

Cello tutti

Auditions TBA
Compulsory works
First and second movement from Haydn concerto in D -major
First movement from Schumann or Dvorak concertos
Orchestral excerpts

Further details about the position can be obtained from
Mr Einar Ander, Orchestra Manager
Telephone: + 46 (0)26-17 29 34
Mr Dag Björkling, Union representative (SYMF)